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Things I always need to look up in Perl

Here are some random Perl things I always need to look up:

  • Text replacement on a per-file basis

    perl -pi -e 's/\/business\//\/illus\/business.html/' */*.html

    • -p : Iterate over each line of the file
    • -i : Don’t create a backup file
    • -e : Enter one or more lines of script
  • Muliple line pattern modifiers:

    /s allows wildcards (.) to match a newline. Use this to extend a search beyond a single line.

    /m changes the behavior of ^ and $ so they will match the start and end of any line. /^<h4>/m would match any line that began with an h4 heading tag.

    To explicitly match the start and end of the string, use \A and the EOF character, \z.

    The /s and /m modifiers are not mutually exclusive.

  • The break and continue keywords from C are last and next in Perl.

  • Use localtime to get the current year (assuming post-2000):
    # Year is the sixth element of the localtime list
    $YEAR = 2000 + (( localtime )[5] % 100);

  • Redirecting STDOUT temporarily to a scalar (string)
    # Open a filehandle on a string
    my $scalar_file = '';
    open my $scalar_fh, '>', \$scalar_file
    		or die "Can't open scalar filehandle: $!";
    # Select scalar filehandle as default, save STDOUT
    my $ostdout = select( $scalar_fh );
    # Unbuffered output
    $| = 1;
    # Now, close scalar filehandle and bring back STDOUT
    close( $scalar_fh );
    print "ABC\n";
    print "DEF\n";
    print "GHI...\n";
    # Bring STDOUT back
    select( $ostdout );

  • Slurp an entire file into a scalar:
    open my $text_fh, '<', 'myfile.txt' or die $!;
    my $contents = do { local $/;  <$text_fh> };

  • Run a function inside of a double-quoted string:

    my $input = qq|<input type="text" name="email"
    	value="${ \escapeHTML( $email ) }">|;
  • Use Data::Dumper to display a data structure:

    use Data::Dumper;
    warn "KAC:", Data::Dumper->Dump( [$data_structure], ['*main::data_structure'] );

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