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As a website consultant, I upgrade existing sites and give them a professional engineering edge. My goal is to create web pages that are neat, speedy, and easy to modify. The web site as a whole should be organized and easy to navigate. I can also provide custom scripts and programs to automatically generate HTML or processes forms or other requests from users.

Below is a list of some of my web projects. Please contact me if you have any questions or are interested in improving your site.

AmFor Website

The Americans for Open Records raises awareness of the social and human rights issues with adoption. AmFOR’s site is an enormous trove of information, and it required a professional’s viewpoint to keep it a cohesive unit.

Presenting the tremendous amount of information at this site in a clear and organized manner is a huge challenge. Keeping the site looking professional and consistent requires attention to detail and a neat coding style.

Michelle Lougee

Michelle Lougee is an environmental artist, sculptor, and ceramist. She is also a professional illustrator for business and financial magazines and other professional publications. She needed a web site that would show off her vast portfolios, while at the same time be fast-loading and easy to navigate.

Argent Website

Argent Software, hired a graphic designer to revamp their site. The result was visibly pleasing, but they needed an engineer to revise all of their Java applets, Javascript functions, and CGI/Perl scripts. The HTML code was validated, navigation was revised and made more consistent across the whole site, and style sheets and formatting were revamped for cross-browser compatibility.


Quilt Escapes, designed by a graphic artist, literally took minutes to load — even with a high speed link! The side navigation bar was redsigned for faster download, images were converted to text to increase search engine placement, and the HTML code behind the pages was cleaned up and optimized.

Card Collecting Book

How to Build a Great Sports Card Collection, written by John Niccoli, is the super genius guide to building the very best sports card collection. I designed the cover art and website, and also provide hosting and e-commerce for it.

RicherLife Website

RicherLife Consultants was chained to an uresponsive developer and hosting site. The customized on-demand page creation was severe overkill, and it produced pages that didn’t render correctly for all browsers. In just a few hours, the site was regenerated in plain HTML, fixed the inaccuracies and decreased load time.

Comms People

Comms People (now part of Glotel) markets their job placement services to engineers and techies. Yet they had a garish, circa 1995 web site that was simply unnavigable. The new site was simple and quickly provided clients and employees the information they needed.


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