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Our New Home
331 Western Ave

  House Pic 01  

Ah! Back in the People's Republic. This is the outside of our new home... it's the last slate blue house on the right. Western Avenue is a fairly busy one-way street, so the tall fence is very key.

House Pic 02 House Pic 03

To access the front entrance (and I strongly suggest you do), you need to walk past all four adjoining townhouses and enter the gate on Putnam Ave. You get to walk through everyone else's front yard, which is why theirs are all so nicely landscaped. Our house has all of the junk outside.

The front entrance is actually rather pretty. I love the large windowed transom and the address number font (OK... I admit that I've been watching too much HGTV). The stairs could use some work though (are you listening, Randy?). Note the snow shovels on the side of the house. Gee... why didn't this house sell immediately?


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